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The Sports & Recreation Service

As DIT is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of its work, the Sports and Recreation Service facilitates this vision through the provision of quality sports services and programmes and excellent sporting opportunities for our student members.

Our dedicated sports team works extremely hard to ensure that you have access to All of the quality programmes and facilities that the Institute has to offer. We pride ourselves on our involvement in both recreational and competitive aspects of sport and cater for different interests and all levels of ability, providing you with a multitude of activities to enjoy with over 40 sports clubs for you to choose from. Yoga, Scuba Diving, Tag Rugby, Fitness Classes, Basketball and Soccer are just some of the many activities on offer as a comprehensive sports programme has been developed which offers a mixture of competitive and non-competitive recreational activities for beginners through to elite athletes.

There is no need to stress the importance of sports in college in promoting competitiveness, team playing and leadership skills; physical fitness and mental alertness, all of which benefit scholarly activity and can lead to lifelong friendships. Students who are new to DIT find that involvement in one of the sports clubs can help them to settle into college life by providing a wide circle of friends.

No matter what your sporting aspirations are the ‘Team' is committed to helping you achieve these. Whether your sport is indoor or outdoor, team based or individual, competitive or fun, there is a sports activity for you at DIT.

DIT Sports Committee

Chairman's Address

DIT offers a well rounded experience for its students and sport is an integral part of this vibrant campus life. There is a strong record of DIT students excelling at all levels in a wide variety of sports.

With over 40 clubs to choose from this is a great opportunity to continue a sport you enjoy or try something new. Facilities include a gym, 18 metre swimming pool and multi-purpose sports hall at DIT Kevin St, a fully equipped gym and multi-purpose sports hall in DIT Bolton St and home playing fields in Grangegorman.

The advantages of being involved in sport at DIT are many, from promoting physical fitness and team playing skills to the great social opportunities, particularly for new students.

In recognition of the importance of sport, the DIT Sports Scholarship programme has awarded scholarships to a number of elite athletes each year.

Whatever your interest or skill level there is a sport to suit you at DIT.

Dr. Mike Murphy - Chairman - DIT Sports Committee - August 2010

The Sports Committee (‘the Committee') is a sub-committee of the Student Sports, Recreation and Support Council (‘the Council') and reports to the Council.

The general aims of the Committee are to develop and implement strategies and policies to develop, encourage and coordinate sports activities across the Institute.

  • To develop and guide strategies, policies and action plans for the sports activities across the Institute, including sports plans for the new campus at Grangegorman
  • To monitor the implementation of the Committee and general Institute policies in sports clubs, groups and activities in the Institute
  • To consider and approve the budget allocations to the appropriate sports groups and clubs in the Institute
  • To monitor and ensure compliance of spending of club allocations with the agreed terms and objectives approved by the appointed standing (finance) committee and this committee.

Student Sport Recreation and Support Council (SSRSC)


Each DIT student pays a capitation fee, some of which goes to fund DITSU and DIT Clubs and Societies. From Rag Week and Freshers' Week, to clubs and societies activities, to sports scholarships and the DIT Fashion Show - your capitation fee goes a long way. There's much more to college than lectures so make the most of DIT and get involved. When you start in DIT you will pay a non-tuition fee of €1,500 which is used to fund non-academic activities in the college. Over €400 per student goes to the Student Sport, Recreation and Support (SSRS) Council. This Committee which has representatives from DITSU and from Clubs and Societies uses this money to fund student activities on campus.

The SSRS Council has two sub-committees. The Sports Committee and the Social and Cultural Committee. All groups that receive funding from SSRS provide regular accounts and the fund, totaling over €4m a year, is audited by an external auditor.

Student Development Fund

Each year the SSRS Council sets aside funds "to provide capital funding for the establishment of sports, societies and student-union recreational facilities in a centralised campus [Grangegorman]" and also to develop such facilities in our current locations. Money from the fund has been used to develop the Fit2Go Club facilities in DIT Bolton St and DIT Kevin St and develop outdoor sporting facilities. There is currently over €7m in this fund.

SSRS Office

The SSRS office looks after a wide range of vital student support services. These services include the Student Assistance Fund or Access Fund, which provides financial assistance to students who are in serious financial difficulties. The office also administers the Personal Accident Insurance Scheme - as a fulltime DIT student you are automatically insured by the scheme which operates on a worldwide basis, 24hours a day, 52 weeks of the year, irrespective of whether the accident occurs on campus or elsewhere. The office also looks after the Accommodation Service, which is an information service, provided in co-operation with DITSU. More information on all these services is available at www.dit.ie/life just click on Student Support). Apart from managing these support services for students, the main function of the SSRS office is to provide administrative support to the SSRS Council and sub committees.


Deirdre Corcoran - SSRS Administrator
Michael Flaherty - Finance
Noreen Philips - Secretary